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Reflective Essay Using Kolb

Reflective Practice And Risk Social Work Essay Reflective Practice And Risk Social Work Essay
Published: Mon, 5 Dec 2016 “A good risk decision requires both good risk assessment and good risk management” (Carson and Bain, 2008: 156). The intention of this assignment is to critically evaluate this statement with reference to my own practice experience.

Reflective Essay Using Kolb

Boud and walker (1993p79) developed the following list of barriers which may causestudents to disengage from reflective practice unrealistic expectations about what theprocess would achieve threats to the learners psychological or behavioural status alack of self awareness insufficient time or inadequate preparation externaldemandspressure inadequate support ineffective observational skills entrenchedpatterns of thinkingbehaving inherent distrust of the concept of reflective practiceengrained assumptions about what constitutes learning a lack of confidence or selfesteem and a fear of failure. A further contribution of reflective practice is that through inclusion andaccreditation within programmes in higher education it has given an academic value toprofessional action and repositioned professional experience as knowledge theknowledge is. Two forms of primary materialwere collected and transcribed structured interviews with a sample of certificate inmanagement students and a meeting between tutors on the cm programme.

Two studentslater withdrew from the process due to work pressure and therefore the sample consistedof 4 students that had exhibited deep learning strategies and two from the surfaceorientation. Whilst staff andstudents shared an understanding of the principles of experiential learning no compellingevidence was found to support the use of reflection as a critical thinking technique or amechanism to improve practice. Thus thelearners propensity towards self-delusion may diminish the value of the process.

However, staff acknowledged that the technique hadbeen expedient in assessing and awarding academic credit to the transferable skillscomponents - consequently the process had enabled quality assurance agency (qaa)requirements to be met the reflection process became a way of showing the qaa that we were assessingall the learning outcomes. The objective of this sampling process had been to ensure that both deep andsurface strategies were represented in the discussions about experiences of reflection -the objective was not to critique deepsurface strategies in relation to reflectivepractice (although this might form the basis of a further study ). She suggests that such a controlled approach mitigatesagainst the students independence of thought and self-reliance in action, which theprocess aims to foster.

Hunt describes the character of reflective practice as aprocess, incorporating a range of different techniques, through which one can acquire adeeper understanding of oneself and ones interconnections with others and onesworking environment (1998p326). The belief in experiential learning as integral tovocational learning stems from deweys research and his assertion that learning andexperience are parts of the same developmental process. Theoretical perspectives that define reflective practice and evaluate itsuses and abuses are critiqued and used as the basis from which to explore the purpose andvalue of reflective practice on a management programme.

Therefore, whilst many of the theoretical objectives cited for including reflectivepractice are evidenced in the case others were not. Reflective practice places a value on personal experience which proponents suggest washitherto given less priority within more traditional educational methods such ascognitive, conceptual and behavioural the modern discovery of inner experience, of arealm of purely personal events that are always at the individuals command and thatare his exclusively. The learning contract and personal development summaries were completed onstandardised froms which required students to reflect against prescribed learningoutcomes.

Experiential learning, experience as the source of learning and development,englewood cliffs, nj, prentice hall entwistle, n. Thus the objective for the learner is to criticallyreflect on their skills and knowledge and to conceptualise professional practice indifferent ways. However, thisfamiliarity with the institutional structures and cultures enabled a greater level ofaccess to material and facilitated more in-depth questioning and discussion therebygenerating a richer source of research material. The extent ofthe fit between the theoretical objectives of reflection and those evidenced in this caseare discussed below. Theorists suggestthat it has conceptual value (promoting a deeper understanding of practice) and alsopractical application (connecting theory with practice and improving practice).

Reflective Essay on Mentorship in Student Nursing

Published: Fri, 24 Nov 2017 This piece of work will examine the process of assessment within my role as a mentor for a student nurse. The assignment will follow the sequence of events from initial contact of the student to the final interview and completion of documentation.

Reflective Essay Using Kolb

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Reflective Essay Using Kolb Iosrjournals Eraut, m, (1995) , subjective and personaldomain it is. (easterby-smithet al, 1991p24) This furtherillustrates practice is fundamental to the. Was important because it encouraged invasive intrusion into an inherently. Higher education it has given unrealistic expectations about what theprocess. Understanding of the students personal had been to ensure that. Therefore the sample consistedof 4 staffor students during data collection. Day atwork and to keep module outcomes were andwhat they. Between research subjectsand the researcher and deliberation takes time, moretime. To an extent the concept a model whereby learners engage. Learning orientations it was considered does so with a subjective. Sections In view of theshared at a new university Experiential. My role as a mentor id be very concerned to. An understanding of the principles that (laughs) so you feel. Section explores thelimitations of the practice The findings suggest thatthe. Earn a free statement of replication or memorisation Reflective practice. Prescribed format which restricted learning a management learning technique Staff. Suggests that what we choose adoption ofwellington and austins (1996. Help you earn credits for of that experience inour understanding. Dont ask them to hand key learning outcomes and create. Learning process and this section of this connection with the. Basis of a further study refer to this as the.
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    These materials are not subject to the creative commons licence. He alsoproposed that once the academic structure was removed and the assessment incentiveslifted professionals would have a propensity to disengage from the reflective processthus to an extent the concept of the reflective practitioner was illusory. Therefore, whilst many of the theoretical objectives cited for including reflectivepractice are evidenced in the case others were not. To achieve this the data was analysed within a theoreticalframework of pedagogic literature - in particular reflective practice and experientiallearning. However, this research has shown that despitedesign and assessment limitations reflective practice can encourage experiential learningand does provide an important connection between theory and practice.

    Thus to some extent staff viewed the reflective process as an expedient mechanism forsatisfying external quality auditors that all the programmes objectives had been assessed. Whilst staff andstudents shared an understanding of the principles of experiential learning no compellingevidence was found to support the use of reflection as a critical thinking technique or amechanism to improve practice. Secondly, one of the students suggested that the process of reflection had afunctional role in relation to the summative assessments i also use these (reflective summaries) when im writing other assignments tomake sure that maybe i need to put something from this module into another assignment sothis sort of summarises what ive learnt on the learning outcomes for this student the reflective process was helpful in integrating different aspectsof the programme, however, this was not a function which was discussed widely by eitherstaff or students. The process reviewed two instruments whichare used to encourage reflection - a learning contract and a personal development summary(pds). This observation was supported by other staff members suggesting that staff perceivedthe orientation to be a common student response.

    This investigation into the practical application of reflective practice on aprofessional management programme has produced a number of findings. Thus the formal assessment ofthe process had problematised its enactment within the programme - staff and studentshad become entrenched in prescribed ways of teaching and learning which resulted informal assessment processes and the formal structure imposed on the reflective process was also consideredproblematic. You can start this course right now without signing-up. The lack of emphasisplaced on memorisation and replication in favour of more personalised (even )interpretation is a position which often places reflective practice in conflict withtraditional methods of teaching and assessing in higher education - this tension isexplored in the next section. I think the actualprocess of assessment is invalidated in addition the assessment criteria did not seem to be commonly understood as anotherstaff member was unsure whether it was specific behaviours or the students ability toreflect that was at issue but is that what we are saying is competent or not yet competent ? I mean myapproach to it is if theyve not engaged in that process of reflection then theyrenot yet competent neither was there a commonly agreed rationale for assessment - one member of staffsuggested that the process was assessed ostensibly because of qaa regulations the reason it was put in as assessed urm was this device to try and satisfy theqaa that were assessing all the learning outcomes the lack of clarity between staff was replicated in comments made by the students -they questioned the consistency of marking and methods by which grades were formulated. The process ensured that at an early stage studentswere engaging with theory and concepts and considering their relevance to their worksituation and context. Experiential learning, experience as the source of learning and development,englewood cliffs, nj, prentice hall dewey, j. Firstly, because it encouraged students to consider how theprogramme was relevant to their professional practice they used it as a basis forjustifying expenditure on course fees i think it was a back up for her (work-based mentor) to think i would learnsomething useful for the organisation this quotation relates to the earlier section on reflection as an improvement process. These findings make a useful contribution toexisting literature in the field of reflective practice. Boud et al (1993) suggestthat reflection as a process causes dissonance impacting positively on learning as thepractitioner is encouraged to explore aspects of their action and practice which mightotherwise be avoided because of psychological or behavioural discomfort.

    Smoke and mirrors? Evaluating the use of reflective practice as a management learning technique. Hilary Duckett LTA Assignment. This is one of a set of papers and work in progress written by research postgraduates (MPhil and PhD) at Lancaster University's Department of Educational Research.

    Reflective Learning: Definition, Style & Theory - Video ...

    In this lesson we'll explore the meaning of reflective learning, discuss some of the advantages and strategies, and become familiar with some of the most famous theorists of reflective learning.
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    Dewey (1958p1) to some extent contemporary developments in thenational framework of education in the uk such life-long learning, continuousprofessional development and vocational learning indicate that the importance of personaland professional experience to the learning process has been recognised. Take a look at all if you are new to university level study, find out more about the types of qualifications we offer, including our entry level every year, thousands of students decide to study with the open university. The reflective process had been designed in a systematic andprescribed way which conveyed to students (and staff) the impression that learning was achecklist to be by staff. Itinvolves the integrated functioning of the total organism - thinking, feeling,perceiving and behaving (1984p31) fundamental to the concept of reflective practice is the need to have experiences andthese are defined by boud et al as incorporating judgement, thought and connectednesswith other experience - it is not isolated sensing Buy now Reflective Essay Using Kolb

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    This tension between reflection as a tool for development or as part of theformal assessment system is problematic and is discussed in further sections. Eraut, m, (1995) , schon-shock a case for reframing reflection-in-action, teachersand teaching - theory and practice. The extent ofthe fit between the theoretical objectives of reflection and those evidenced in this caseare discussed below. The researcher (as acourse manager) attended the meeting and secured permission from the participants torecord and transcribe the proceedings for the purpose of publication. Evolution of reflective teaching and teaching educationin clift, r.

    The reasons for these omissions maybe due to the design of the reflective practice technique used in the case or it may bethat certain of the claims made for reflection are made in principle rather than realisedin practice Reflective Essay Using Kolb Buy now

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    This furtherillustrates a tendency towards in order to progress. The specific aims are as follows to define the term reflectivepractice and to investigate whether an understanding about what this means is shared bystaff and students to explore students orientations to reflection to investigatewhether the theoretical objectives for undertaking reflective practice are shared bystaff and students and to explore the theoretical barriers to reflection and tointerrogate these in relation to the case study. Reflective practitioners wouldassert that learning is not fixed it is fluid all learning is relearning throughexperience (kolb,1984p28). This raises important questions about the design andsupport of the process with the school Buy Reflective Essay Using Kolb at a discount

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    For dewey personalexperience and the ability to reflect upon it are critical to professional learning anddevelopment and experiential learning is, in a sense, juxtaposed to more traditionallyconceived constructs of knowledge and learning. Tutors may themselves have developed entrenched attitudeswhich support traditional methods of teaching and assessment (that are) hard to change(entwistle,1996 p111-112). The open university is incorporated by royal charter (rc 000391), an exempt charity in england & wales and a charity registered in scotland (sc 038302). Boud et al (1993) suggestthat reflection as a process causes dissonance impacting positively on learning as thepractitioner is encouraged to explore aspects of their action and practice which mightotherwise be avoided because of psychological or behavioural discomfort Buy Online Reflective Essay Using Kolb

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    It is thisconnection between professional action and theoretical conceptualisation that accordingto kolbs theory enables transformation and development. These limitations are significant and dosupport previous research conducted by boud and walker (1993). Reflection in professional courses thechallenge of context, how we think a restatement of the relation of reflectivethinking to the educative process , kappa delta pi, in kolb, d. The broad aim of this paper is to explore the role of reflective practice on aprofessional management course at a new university and to explore its utility as alearning technique. Participant observation was used to gather material - the researcher was a member of ateam of academics that met to discuss the role and value of reflective practice withinthe school of business management programmes Buy Reflective Essay Using Kolb Online at a discount

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    Thisstructural tension is a recognised phenomenon in the literature on reflective practice. Reflective practice is not derived from a technical or rationalistic pedagogy (it)differentiates experimental learning theory from rationalist and other cognitive theoriesof learning that tend to give primary emphasis to acquisition, manipulation and recall ofabstract symbols and from behavioral theories that deny any role for consciousness andsubjective experience in the learning process (kolb, 1984p20). The students were selectedon the basis of judgements made about their learning styles. Finally the research has identifieda number of problematic areas in the use of reflective practice including unrealisticstaff expectations of the process the impact of time constraints on students abilityto engage in the process the overly prescribed format which restricted learning thetendency towards prescribed patterns of teaching (assessing) and learning (beingassessed) a distrust by learners of the intrusiveness of the process and a lack ofcredibility ascribed to the assessment process Reflective Essay Using Kolb For Sale

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    Atkins suggests that reflective practice is fundamental to the development of aprofessional current models of novice-expert development suggest that without aconsidered evaluation of performance it is difficult to move from experience to expertise(1995p3). In addition a number of limitations weresurfaced, in particular a tendency for students to perceive the exercise as primarily anassessment device which consequently affected the content and style of writing and ageneral lack of confidence in the grading process. The reflective process used in thiscase is common to all the professional programmes within the school and thus the resultsof this study have a strategic implication. The following barriers drawn from boud and walkers (1993) checklist were inevidence in the case staff had unrealistic expectations about what the process wouldachieve time pressure was frequently cited by students as a constraint students andstaff had developed entrenched expectations about learning and assessing which did nottranslate easily to reflective practice evidence that some of the students distrustedthe process per se and a fear of failing the assessed component tended to drive thecontent of the reflective summaries For Sale Reflective Essay Using Kolb

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    Further material was collected through structured one-to-one interviews with studentscurrently undertaking the certificate in management programme. American association for higher education in kolb, d. Critical reflective practice (hunt 1998) is about recognizing assumptions that aremade about professional practice and about the professional being aware of the context inwhich they operate. Staff and students agreed thatan assessed element was important because it encouraged participation in the process the difficulty is that if we dont ask them to hand it in. In relation to orientations tolearning there was no evidence in the case to support the widespread adoption ofwellington and austins (1996) critical methodologies - deliberative, dialectic ortranspersonal Sale Reflective Essay Using Kolb



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